How is the market

If you were to Google Ottawa real estate, you might be put off by how few homes and condos are for sale right now. But the fact is this: the real estate market is experiencing a record low inventory in Ottawa.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time home buyer, or a seasoned home-buying veteran, anyone in the position of buying a home is thinking the same thing: how do I compete right now?

As a buyer’s agent, I have heard MANY of negative stories that all share the same theme: “We have been looking forever, and we still have not been able to buy our dream home.” I ensure my clients are ready so that when we enter the Ottawa real estate market we are prepared. I also encourage eager home buyers to attend one of my events.

We’ll sit down together and set out our goals & some realistic expectations.  This is an honest conversation about what we’re likely to find in the Ottawa real estate market right now.  With this in mind, we’ll identify what you need and what you want in a home (because we all know those are two different things).

We’ll ensure all your ducks are in a row before we start looking at homes.

This includes having:

  • your mortgage rate hold & pre-approval on hand.
  • a current letter of employment
  • a current credit report
  • your real estate agent, lawyer and home inspector on speed-dial 

Let me remind you to be open-minded! If you only want to see 3+ bedroom properties, don’t rule out end-unit freehold townhomes (especially the newer-built ones) you may just be pleasantly surprised when you find your next home.  

It’s NO BIG DEAL that Ottawa's real estate inventory is so low right now – BUT I have a tried-and-true equation for home-buying success. Let’s work together to take the stress out of home buying.